Computer Engineering - University of Barcelona

Studying Computer Engineering since 2018, loving to code since I was born.
Favourite Languages: Java, Python and C++ (Plus: I hate VHDL)

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Gained trought my experience in live support in Electronic Sports League tournaments.


I have very leading attitude, always thinking about the best for the team and for the project. Responsible several times in tournaments of a +6 people staff team.

Extra Qualities and Skills

Those are some of my most interesting qualities.

  • Languages Knowledge

    Language Level
    Spanish Native
    Catalan Native
    English Medium/Advanced
  • Programming Languages

    Language Applied to
    Java Android, Tool Development, Software Plugins...
    Python Algorithmic
    C++ App development, Software Plugins...
    VHDL Circuit design
  • Self-Management

    Very secure about my decisions, very independent and autodidact.

  • Teamwork

    Skills in teamwork facts, listening the other members, contributing ideas, leading...

And that's me

Don't worry to send me a mail if you need something: